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Our mission is to materialize human thoughts, feelings or images. For us, the material is paper – invented more than four thousand years ago. The tool is printing, known for five hundred years. With knowledge of history of our field, we look proudly into the future. We seek and use the most advanced tools and processes, take care of our customers and act environmentally friendly. Our work is guided by the idea that it is a genuine craft.




Tiskárna Didot spol. s r.o. was founded in the fall of 1994. Since its beginnings, the company has focused on offset printing with prevailing custom composition of leaflets, brochures and catalogs. Gradually, it started cooperation with institutions presenting works of art, which resulted in the book production.

Today, the Didot printing house produces for a range of customers in its own factory building in the area of 3,000 m2. Products include business cards, leaflets, catalogs, magazines, books, calendars, boxes and all kinds of packaging.

We have been investing in modern machines, equipment, software and staff training – in order to achieve competitive pricing and top quality.





Tiskárna Didot, spol. s r.o.

Trnkova 119, 628 00 Brno-Líšeň

tel.: +420 543 215 538, e-mail: info@tiskarna-didot.cz

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