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Our engineers will design a package according to your wishes and needs. They use modern CAD software in which they are able to create virtual 3D previews of your box, including graphic design.

For designed packages, we will choose the most suitable materials and create a perfect model of the box on our plotter. This way we can verify functionality of the package and pass it to you for testing and approval.

We use the latest CAD software ArtiosCAD and EngView.




We provide printing on smooth cardboard and also on top layers of corrugated cardboard.

More information about printing is to be found in Printing.




We are aware of the fact that your product plays the most important role, however it is the packaging that sells.

We produce packages with different kinds of surface coating and their combinations, such as:


  • dispersed varnish, partial dispersed varnish, drip-off varnish (combination of matte and gloss varnish);
  • matte or gloss lamination, soft-touch;
  • full-area UV varnish, partial UV varnish, 3D partial UV varnish, special-effect varnish;
  • hot-foil – foil stamping with foils of different colors (including special effect foils);
  • embossing




Printed packages made of corrugated cardboard are formed by gluing (adhesive laminating) the printed layer to the corrugated cardboard.

Size of the material intended for lamination may be up to 1100 x 1600 mm. Minimum weight of the upper sheet is 130 g/m2, maximum thickness of the lower sheet is 10 mm. Gluing accuracy is +/- 0.5 mm.




Packages are cut on modern die cutting machines with quick changeover times and high production speed. It means that we can effectively die cut both small and very large series of packages.

We die cut from A4 to B1 formats. We are able to process materials from 80 g/m2 up to a thickness of 4 mm.




Die cut packages are glued on an automatic gluing machine. So-called pre creases are made when a box passes through the gluing machine. The pre creases are necessary for a subsequent problem-free box filling on adjustment machines. Every box is checked by the machine via a barcode to avoid accidental swapping of boxes within a production batch. In addition, the machine checks all adhesive traces in order to ensure 100% gluing quality.

We are able to glue unfolded boxes from 88 mm to 1020 mm in width. We process smooth cardboard and also corrugated cardboard of types N, F, E and B. We produce various kinds of box construction from simple to complex ones, we can glue so-called 1-point, 2-point, 3-point and also as one of the few producers 4-point and 6-point boxes.




We can make the surface of your package unique by application of hot-foil (foil stamping with foils of different colours including special effect foils). We have a powerful stamping machine equipped with a special camera for a very fast and accurate preparation of the contract (fitting stamping blocks into the printing process). Foil stamping can be combined with blind embossing. The maximum format for stamping is 760 x 600 mm.




Boxes can be supplemented with a window on a special window patching machine which places a clear plastic film into die-cut packages. Thus, consumers can view the product without unpacking the boxes. It is the ideal combination of beautiful packaging with a presentation of the product itself. The window can also be placed over the corner of the box. Windows can be of sizes from 30 x 40 mm to 840 x 520 mm.



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